• Trentemøller - by Sofie Nørregaard

    Trentemøller announces new album 'Memoria'

    Danish composer, musician and producer Trentemøller announces his new studio album 'Memoria' which is set for release in early 2022 on his own label In My Room alongside the first single 'In The Gloaming' which is released today.

    Anders Trentemøller’s sixth studio album, Memoria, seems to exist at the confluence of inspiration, coincidence, and maybe even a little bit of the supernatural.

    A recent, unanticipated drop of four songs, in the form of two singles (No One Quite Like You, and Golden Sun), might leave one surprised to find that a double album’s worth of material was also waiting in the wings. As with most Trentemøller releases, it’s a body of songs that are thematically linked by many melodic threads.

    The first single from the upcoming album, 'In The Gloaming', which is released today, implies the arc of the album might have actually begun late in the day, giving the sensation of waking in the evening. Nocturne’s dawning. Stars emerge in the form of percussive arpeggios.

    2019’s Trentemøller album 'Obverse' was an exercise in what could be done if the prospect of performing the songs onstage wasn’t a factor. It opened up some doors, and signaled a new chapter.

    Memoria, even considering its resplendence, almost feels like it demands to be presented live as well.

  • Trentemøller - No One Quite Like You feat. Tricky

    Out now: Trentemøller - No One Quite Like You feat. Tricky

    After Golden Sun/Shaded Moon Trentemøller now concludes his series of summer singles with "No One Quite Like You feat. Tricky". Out now!

    His new song "No One Quite Like You” features Tricky reciting a six word mantra over a five note passage. The entire song is bathed in intimacy, from studio vérité elements like the mechanical noise and hammer clacks of the piano, to Tricky’s weary delivery, which falls somewhere between a lullaby and a warning. Add to this Byzantine string arrangements by fellow Danish violinist Maria Jagd arrive, and you have yet another mesmerising release from Trentemøller.

    The reflective piano figures of ‘Vespertine’ manifests this subtle yet powerful prologue to the A side of the second and last stand alone single release of 2021 by Trentemøller.

  • Trentemøller - Golden Sun

    Out now: Trentemøller - Golden Sun!

    4TH OF JUNE 

    And here it is! Golden Sun/Shaded Moon, Trentemøller's first release since 2019's Obverse LP, is out now! It's a return to instrumental compositions. It's the newest entry into an ongoing journal of compiled musical case studies exploring suspense and resolution. 

    As “Golden Sun” rises, we can feel the dew burn off, and our bodies become bathed in warmth. New themes hatch and rise, gravitating towards the song’s leitmotif. Pitches bend, morph, and we recall treasured days, lying somnambulant on a knoll, draped in beams of sunlight, intoxicated both naturally and chemically. As the song sets our eyelids finally succumb to the weight of sleep, and we dream of a collapsing star.

    “Shaded Moon” begins with a sequence of percussive bursts into the great wide yonder, while charged musical particles slowly assemble into an auricular borealis. The peak arrives as if to provide a score for the macrocosm reverting to its ostensible state of chaos, after a brief moment of order. It resolves with layers of pulsating synths, signaling the retreat of perigean tides.

  • Tricky - pic by Eric Weiss

    Trentemøller remixes Tricky

    Last September, Tricky released his “most darkly moving music in years” (Pitchfork), the critically acclaimed album Fall To Pieces. Now he announces a remix EP with contributions from Trentemøller, Kahn, LA Timpa and Lafawndah. Four artists known for their own trademark production styles recalibrate and incorporate Tricky’s music into their own sonic terrains.  

    “I was very honoured when Tricky asked me to remix “ Like A Stone “ as I’m a huge fan of his work - and it’s a really great song! I only used his and Marta’s vocals and build up an entirely new song around them, focusing on a melodic and mystical vibe.” - Trentemøller

    Trentemøller Remix

  • Trentemøller by Sofie Nørregard

    Pitchblack Playback ft Trentemøller - The Playlist

    As a special New Years gift, in January 2021, Pitchblack Playback collaborated with Trentemøller again: Wherever you were in the world, you could be part of our exclusive session with Anders Trentemøller, listen to his own hand-picked selection of favourite tracks taken from his 5 studio albums followed by a Q&A with the man himself. Now he put all these songs in a Spotify Playlist, for everyone to enjoy: Trentemøller - Pitchblack Playback Playlist

    Trentemøller x Pitchblack Playback


  • TOM And His Computer by Morten Lundgren

    Out now: TOM And His Computer - "Puzzle", incl. Trentemøller Remix!

    TOM And His Computer drops the 2nd release from his upcoming debut LP 'Future Ruins' which will be released on Trentemøller's label In My Room October 16th.

    The pseudonym of Copenhagen hero Thomas Bertelsen, TOM And His Computer has already released a pair of very highly regarded EPs, preparing the ground for this full length adventure.

    For this 2nd single, TOM is teaming up with the legend that is Trentemøller, whom he has toured with several times and played as opener for his shows. On "Puzzle",Trentemøller works as a co-producer as well as providing a remix version of the track. The original is a spikey, psych/indie/electronic track again with vocals from Roxy Jules. The production is clear and lively, allowing the song to shine through while imbuing the proceedings with an exciting, urgent shimmer.

    Trentemøller’s remix takes things to another level - fat, chunky drums meet vox organ, fuzz guitar and freestyling synths in a riot of colour and playfulness.

    Out now on In My Room

  • Blaue Blume: Lovable (Trentemøller Remix)

    Trentemøller remixed Blaue Blume!

    Trentemøller remixed Danish artpop band Blaue Blume and the result is explosive!

    German indie label hfn music - sister label of Trentemøller's In My Room - marks its 100th release with this one. Way back in little 2009, the label hfn music was born in Hamburg, and made its introduction to the world with the release of the Trentemøller compilation Harbour Boat Trips: 01 Copenhagen.

    Fittingly, hfn100 sees one of hfn’s best songs of 2019 put into the hands of the man it all started with, Anders Trentemøller. His Danish compatriots Blaue Blume’s new album Bell Of Wool is one of hfn’s 2019 highlight releases, and so hfn100 sees Trentemøller remix one of its standout tracks: “Lovable”. The original is a gossamer-delicate composition that carefully stitches together layers of shining synths that gradually build up into a peak, before crashing into a subtle beat - a musical journey. 

    Trentemøller mirrors the original’s careful building up, adding new elements to fill in the song’s sound, before it collapses into a tough, noir disco groove. It’s a perfectly realised remix – Trentemøller keeps the original song’s skeleton and soul, but fills in the space with sonic touches that could be no one else’s but his. 



  • Trentemøller The Last Resort Listening Session

    The Last Resort listening session!

    You liked Trentemøller's The Last Resort? Then this might be for you! 

    The epic sounds of Trentemøller return to Pitchblack Playback's listening sessions in the dark, for you to revisit his immense debut 'The Last Resort' on Number 10's huge 18-speaker immersive sound system in Hackney on Wednesday 29 January. No distractions: just you and the music, played in lossless high-definition to bring you more detail and feeling than you've ever heard it in before. Sofas and cocktails will be on hand.

    Tickets at - includes Pitchblack Playback blindfold for extra darkness.

    As recommended by The Guardian, GQ, Time Out, Metro, Newsweek, New Statesman and The Londonist. Some feedback from people who have been the listening sessions:

    “Considering how much listening I do in life for work and pleasure I’ve actually never had an experience like this: big loud PA, all lights off, darkness all around, comfy couch and eye mask to experience the album in its full intensity and without any distractions whatsoever.” - GRAMMY Award-winning engineer, Marcus Urselli

    "I have an out-of-body experience every time I go" - Jonny, artist manager

    "I've listened to that record hundreds of times but tonight I heard sounds on it that I had never noticed before"

  • Church Trees Trentemøller

    Church Of Trees video out now!

    Trentemøller's "Church Of Trees" music video is out now! This one, like most of the music videos off "Obverse", is made by Anders Trentemøller himself.

    "Church Of Trees" may come out of the gatesounding like a minimalist film score, but when the heavily modulated synths finally arrive, bathed inreverb, and the warped record effects kick in, it leaves no doubt that this is a Trentemøller concoction. Motifs take their time to develop, and are followed by a pleasantly jarring non sequitur. As with its companion songs, "Church Of Trees" narrative is succinctly contained in the title of the album. Obverse: an alternative to what your perception is. The flip side of the coin. 

    Fittingly, the camera shows treetops from below, tossing and turning.

    Out now!

    Watch the video here.

  •  2nd Blood's Turn It Back (Trentemøller Rework)

    Out now: 2nd Blood's Turn It Back (Trentemøller Rework)

    2nd Blood is the project of Copenhagen based musician, producer and songwriter Silas Tinglef.

    Having released a debut EP on Trentemøller’s In My Room in 2018, the man himself steps up to rework 'Turn It Back' and the results are predictably fantastic.

    Trentemøller’s version is a slow grooving classic - out today!