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    Looking forward to 2019

    2019 is one of these years I am really looking forward to. I am busy in the studio, having a good, sometimes hard, but always creative time and I can’t wait to be able to present some crazy new music to you folks on a later point of this year. 

    Feel free to follow me on Instagram and get a sneak peek on what is on my daily routine here and there. I try to keep you guys posted on what is going on in Trentemøller Land. (-:

    I have the feeling 2019 will be a super exciting year!

  • ... On a cold christmas night

    Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas break everybody. Thanks so much for your support. Have a great start into the new year and my best wishes.

  • Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 - Copenhagen out now!

    My Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 2 is out today!!!
    On vinyl, CD and as download! The mix itself ( the whole idea behind Harbour Boat Trips is that it's a mix) so it will NOT be out on any streaming services as they don't allow full mixes. So go get this mix-album in the format you prefer!

  • Trentemøller

    Never Coming Back (Trentemøller Remix)

    I don't do remixes anymore but when one of my all time favorite bands A Place To Bury Strangers asked me to remix one of their songs 'Never Coming Back' from their latest album, I, of course, could not say no! The remix album ‘Re-pinned’ gathered great artists with Slowdive, David Davy Drones, No Age, Eric Copeland, METZ, TBO and Roly Porter, I'm very glad to have my part in this release. 

    The album is out today on digital platforms, streaming and the best of all on VINYL!!

  • 'Transformer Man' by Neil Young

    Hey folks,

    I cover a very special song by Neil Young for the 'Harbour Boat Trips Vol.2: Copenhagen' compilation that will be released on hfn music in a few months. With the suggestion of Marie Fisker and after long reflection I decided to cover the controversial song 'Transformer Man' from Neil Young's record 'Trans' from 1982. 

    Although I’m a huge Neil Young fan, I actually didn’t know about this song until Marie Fisker played it to me when we sat down and thought about some songs that would be fun to cover for the Harbour Boat Trips Mix I was working on. I wasn’t a fan of the song and its sound in the first place, but the melody, especially the hookline, somehow caught me.

    The song is quite far away from what I would normally listen to and so it wasn’t an obvious choice and instead I took it as a challenge to see in which direction we could take the song. I thought it could be interesting to get rid of all that disco/vocoder stuff and focus on the song itself and suddenly it shined in new splendor. Marie interprets the song in such a personal way that it feels like, for us at least, it’s nearly a brand new tune. That’s what she’s really good at. I also felt it fits perfectly into the whole mix. 


  • Trentemøller

    "The Last Resort" on triple vinyl!


    My debut album "The Last Resort" is reissued on triple vinyl in a gatefold sleeve! I'm so thrilled to finally have all the songs from The Last Resort on vinyl for the first time! It's my debut album and an album I'm very proud of, so many memories lay in this music. The Last Resort was like a snapshot of where I was in my life back then when it was released in 2006, but also the foundation for where I am today. So I'm really grateful that the album is still being praised and recognized for its composition and sound-design. The original vinyl-pressing only included a selection of songs from the original 13-track album release. It missed out on songs which had been released on singles or didn’t “fit” on the so called “vinyl edition”. Due to ‘public demand’ I'm happy to finally present, for the first time, the full album on vinyl! 

    In the meantime the album’s lead track "Take Me Into Your skin" appears now in a new video with the original visuals made for my first show 'Trentemøller Live in Concert tour' in 2007 by the excellent photographer, author and music video director Karim Ghahwagi, check it out!


  • "Julekalender 2017"

    "Julekalender 2017"

    Hey folks !
    It’s December the 1st ! I really love Christmas and I wanted to do a little "Julekalender" for you all, so every day until Christmas Eve I have chosen a favorite song from one of my 4 studio albums with a little note on each song. Please head over to my Facebook for the calendar. Enjoy!!

  • My Remix for Toydrum has now it's own visuals

    My Remix for Toydrum has now it's own visuals

    One of the last remixes I did before deciding to take a break from remixing was of the wonderfull song 'Void & Form' by Toydrum feat. Joel Wells, taken from their most recent album 'My Eye On You'. Now the equally amazing actress and filmmaker Alice Lowe created mesmerizing visuals for the track, starring The Witch and Games of Thrones' Kate Dickie, trapped into a neon nightmare.

    Read a short article about the video here!


  • the science of fixion | a music documentary

    the science of fixion | a music documentary

    'Fixion' turns one today. To celebrate that, we released a documentary on the journey I went on in the last four years, from first steps towards the album until the concerts we played with the band. It is now up on my YouTube channel and other streaming services! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!


  • photos by qconcertphotos/ Thomas Quack

    Fixion Festival Tour 2017

    I’m sooo happy to play my new album ‚Fixion‘ to so many dedicated people at some of the finest festivals around Europe. There are still many shows to play, but I feel already grateful for the shows we played in front of such unique and fantastic crowds.
    Thank you!!!

    Check out the 'Fixion Festival Tour 2017' gallery for more photos.

    See you (hopefully) soon:
    13.07.17, Netherlands, Bloemendaal aan Zee, Woodstock
    14.07.17, Belgium, Dour, Dour Music Festival
    15.07.17, UK, Clitheroe, Beat-Herder Festival
    16.07.17, Romania, Cluj, Electric Castle Festival
    26.07.17, Italy, Segrate, Circolo Magnolia
    27.07.17, Italy, Sesto Al reghena, Sexto'Nplugged
    28.07.17, Italy, San Mauro Pascoli, A Cielo Aperto San Mauro
    29.07.17, Italy, Vasto, Siren Festival
    19.08.17, Denmark, Aarhus, RECession

    photos by qconcertphotos/ Thomas Quack