• Trentemøller Obverse Merch

    Brand-new Obverse merch available!

    I thought it could be nice to have some fresh t-shirts and also a tote bag for my new album 'Obverse', featuring the amazing artwork by Jesse Draxler.

    So go and check out two styles of t-shirts, a white one and a black one, plus a nice black tote bag. I like it a lot!

    You can check all pieces in the gallery or head over to my bandcamp shop.

  • Obverse by Trentemøller

    Obverse - OUT NOW!

    OBVERSE is finally out! 

    It often feels like an instrumental album because it started life as one, the driving philosophy being “what if the pressure of having to perform these songs live is removed entirely?” Granting yourself the freedom to chase down every idea a studio offers comes with privileges. What happens when you reverse a synth part mid-verse? Why not send an entire track through a faulty distortion pedal? Inspiration reveals itself in a variety of forms and, before long, a simple chord progression contorts into something entirely new.

    “The only thing I knew from the beginning was that this didn’t absolutely have to be an album I should be able to play live, with a band. That’s been a consideration on every record since The Last Resort. Obverse was always going to be about exploring the possibilities in my studio, with no consideration of how it could be performed on a stage, and it was completely liberating.”

    So it only makes sense that Obverse would stray from its original roadmap. In due time, half of the nascent compositions featured singers, including Lina Tullgren, Lisbet Fritze, and jennylee of Warpaint, another band deeply influenced by dream pop.

    Like all great instrumentals, songs on Obverse told their own stories long before the idea of adding words to them was considered. Music is often impelled by lyrics. In this case, the lyrics were undoubtedly compelled by the music.

    Obverse: an alternative to what your perception is.The flip side of the coin.

    The packaging of a Trentemøller record is intrinsically linked to the songs contained therein, though it’s never been more the case than with this release. Los Angeles based artist Jesse Draxler has contributed a cornerstone in the form of original art, which examines the black and the white, the dynamic vs. the serene, the big picture vs. the minutiae. It’s a case study in complementary contrasts, like the album itself.

    By fusing together a love of dream pop, dark synth-based music, film scores, and a deep connection with the stark Nordic panoramas, Anders has created an inimitable language. Ultimately Obverse resides in a genre all its own.

    The focus track and video 'Blue September' - with Lisbet Fritze on vocals and starring in the video - premiered on flood magazine. The feature also includes a track by track - give it a read here.

  • Trentemøller Try A Little

    Try A Little - OUT NOW!

    The next song from Trentemøller's upcoming album is out now: Try A Little - featuring vocals by JennyLee of Warpaint!

    The intro drum loop signals something is about to happen. A tense anticipation sinks in, not unlike the feeling one gets taxiing down a runway. Something is warbling in the background. A synth? A voice? It echoes a pent up whimper, finally being released, after interminable periods of overarching confusion, exhaustion, and even dread have taken a person to the breaking point. A long overdue conversation is finally about to happen.

    It’s not difficult to connect, personally, to many of Trentemøller’s songs. We see ourselves in the partner who has compromised themselves in a relationship, or the person burdened with unrequited love, who holds out hope for something that will never be, but “Try A Little” might just be the most relatable yet.

    "This song is very dear to me. It speaks the truth regarding some of the hardest things to admit to oneself. It was an act of vulnerability. As per usual, it was a stream of conscious exercise, this time directed towards myself and the relationships most present in my life, asking for help, presence. You know... 'show up! Please!’”

    Anders’ music and Jenny’s lyrics pair so well it will come as no surprise they have worked together in the past. It only made sense to give it another go for this release, even though the album it will be included on, Obverse, was intended to be entirely instrumental.

    "It’s always been extremely challenging coming up with vocals to music that is not my own, yet for some reason it happens pretty effortlessly every time with Anders, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with again."

    The music video for ‚Try A Little‘ has been produced by experimental filmmaker and Emmy nominated animator Thomas McMahan and features singer jennylee.

    Try A Little
    30.08.2019 on In My Room

    01. Try A Little (Radio Edit)
    02. Try A Little
    03. In The Garden


    Artwork by Jesse Draxler

  • Trentemøller

    In The Garden (song and video) - OUT NOW

    Trentemøller returns with new song and video "In The Garden"!

    When she was handed the music to Anders Trentemøller’s “In The Garden,” Lina Tullgren may not have known it was meant to be an instrumental, like the rest of the songs on the new album. In a meta way, it feels right that the lyrics she contributed plot the journey of a kernel in an artist’s mind to becoming a fully fleshed out idea, and ultimately a completed work. No stranger to warbling, compressed guitars, and reverb-soaked ambience in her own music, Tullgren unsurprisingly understood where Anders was coming from, and stitched in her contribution, creating a symbiosis between instrumentalist and vocalist. 

    The song itself has the feel of something being constructed right before you. A simple beat is answered with chords played on a bass guitar. With each verse and chorus another layer is added, encasing what came before it, like a sonic Matryoshka, until the chiming guitar finally arrives to resolve the whole thing, and usher the listener to the end of the song. 

    “In The Garden” merges the idea of the slow build with a compact tune that gets to the point, developing subtly, and demanding another listen to ascertain what just happened. 

    Trentemøller has personally created the accompanying music video, just as he did with “Sleeper” (released in May). Watch the video here.

    “In the Garden” gives us a second taste from the forthcoming Trentemøller album, which will be released in the fall of 2019. 

    Artwork by Jesse Draxler

  • Trentemøller

    Time to wake up 'Sleeper'

    ...It's been nearly 3 years ...
    now the wait is almost over...
    it's time to wake up 'sleeper'!

    may 24th on in my room

    watch the music video here

  • Sean Penn Helena Christensen

    A song for Stærk&Christensen

    I have made a new song with Lisbet Fritze for a short film feat. Sean Penn and Helena Christensen as part of Stærk&Christensen's exhibition “ In My Dream Last Night ...”, an exhibition of films, stills, sound & objects by Camilla Stærk and Helena Christensen, which took place at the National Arts Club in New York.

    Check the short film and our song here.

    More films have been created with collaborators Chrysta Bell, Jackson Carter, Oh Land, Salman Rushdie, Sebastian Sartor and Waris Ahluwalia, cinematography by James Demetri and Christian Larsen, produced and executed in partnership with Velem and Milk, New York.

    You can watch all short films here.

    The official press release says:

    ‘In My Dream Last Night...’ is the armature behind an ongoing short film and sound concept by creative duo Stærk&Christensen, in collaboration with a number of artists from various fields who are a continuous source of inspiration to the duo. A collection of personal moments, thoughts and dreams are revealed and interpreted through each collaborator, underpinning the composition of the work.

    Surreal in nature, the collective dreamscape created by the films, stills and objects explore the duality of darkness and lightness within the mind, envisioning a universe through the spectrums of the poetic, the erotic, love and solitude. The surreal cinematic experience highlights Stærk&Christensen’s fascination with capturing authentic emotional gravitas, physical movement and voyeuristic opportunity.

    Whilst Camilla Stærk and Helena Christensen are independently known within the fashion industry, together they are creating a growing body of work within the realms of design, architecture, photography and film.

  • Trentemøller Studio

    Looking forward to 2019

    2019 is one of these years I am really looking forward to. I am busy in the studio, having a good, sometimes hard, but always creative time and I can’t wait to be able to present some crazy new music to you folks on a later point of this year. 

    Feel free to follow me on Instagram and get a sneak peek on what is on my daily routine here and there. I try to keep you guys posted on what is going on in Trentemøller Land. (-:

    I have the feeling 2019 will be a super exciting year!

  • ... On a cold christmas night

    Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas break everybody. Thanks so much for your support. Have a great start into the new year and my best wishes.

  • Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 - Copenhagen out now!

    My Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 2 is out today!!!
    On vinyl, CD and as download! The mix itself ( the whole idea behind Harbour Boat Trips is that it's a mix) so it will NOT be out on any streaming services as they don't allow full mixes. So go get this mix-album in the format you prefer!

  • Trentemøller

    Never Coming Back (Trentemøller Remix)

    I don't do remixes anymore but when one of my all time favorite bands A Place To Bury Strangers asked me to remix one of their songs 'Never Coming Back' from their latest album, I, of course, could not say no! The remix album ‘Re-pinned’ gathered great artists with Slowdive, David Davy Drones, No Age, Eric Copeland, METZ, TBO and Roly Porter, I'm very glad to have my part in this release. 

    The album is out today on digital platforms, streaming and the best of all on VINYL!!