Marie Fisker about Candy Tongue

To me the song Candy Tongue is about turning points in life. Something is changing and it’s up to you which direction you want it to take. The candy tongue is a symbol of that message… Marie Fisker

Trentemøller´s second single "Candy Tongue" has been freshly released on In My Room and the single is accompanied by a beautiful music video that got internationally premiered. The single features the mesmerizing vocals of Marie Fisker and we are very glad to hear what inspired her writing the lyrics for "Candy Tongue"

Anders Trentemøller gave me his hunting track for this song a while back. It was in December and I had caved in the studio on my own, writing the melody and lyrics for this song. Beautiful big snowflakes were drizzling down outside the windows. One morning on my way to the studio I was listening to the radio and heard the novel The Smallest Woman in the World by the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector being read aloud. I was deeply fascinated by the story, and bought her book Family Ties. In these novels of every-day-life we are presented with the inner life and moments of illumination and revelation. Somehow, inspired by this author and her strong personality, intuition, wisdom and poetry, Clarice weaved into the song….”