Trentemøller - Vamp / Miss You Remixes

Vamp / Miss You Remixes


Fellow Dane Kasper Bjørke’s energetic freakydiscohouse remix of Trentemøller 's ‘Vamp’ is sure to work the levels here, as the Danish DJ / producer / remixer-extraordinaire fills the room with bending, tripping synths, horns and cowbell rich percussion. Kasper’s super work either under his own name, which includes a longlayer on US label Plant Music, or as the highly respected duo Filur, with production partner Tomas „Tomboy“ Barfod (Gomma), is really in a class of its own. This remix is a cheeky, sweaty workout that takes the memorable theme of the original away on a discotrain, non-stop towards an unknown destination.... 

The second remix for Trentemøller comes in the heavy-weight shape of Gluteus Maximus’ version of ‘Miss You’. The duo that is President Bongo & Jack Schidt, Bongo being one half of the hugely successful Icelandic Gus Gus outfit, have given birth to a beautiful minimal monster, that works deadly live percussion and off-key synth clangs into a moving and emotional breakdown using the original’s unforgettable tones. It’s a stylish, end of the night heartbreaker.