Trentemøller Raincoats vs Tide

Raincoats vs Tide


Announcing Trentemøller 's compilation album 'Reworked / Remixed', we have a very special release that’s exclusive to iTunes. Fellow Copenhagen based group Efterklang have joined forces with Trentemøller in remixing each other‘s songs. Efterklang‘s 'Raincoats' has been remixed by Trentemøller, and his track 'Tide' remixed by Efterklang. The release is also unique in that an online contest to choose the cover artwork was set up, inviting fans and other artists to get involved by creating their own over art. And so the release features the artwork by contest winner Yuki Takahashi.

Efterklang‘s lush and melancholic song 'Raincoats' has been stunningly remixed by Trentemøller, whose epic, neo-pop-electro-rock version takes the beautiful vocals and sublime textures of the original and whisks us away into a dramatic and incredibly well sequenced story for the future.

Trentemøller ‘s 'Tide' has then been re-worked by Efterklang. It's a more gentle journey, full of softly sung, sensual vocals, spacious electronics and warm rushes of sentimentality. Clearly showing off the band‘s remixing skills, this rich and timeless song is truly a joy to the ears.