Trentemøller - Polar Shift

Polar Shift


After a series of brilliant remixes (for Naked, Kontor, Uno etc.) and only three EPs under his own name on Naked, Out of Orbit and particu- larly the highly successful „Physical Fraction“ on Audiomatique, Anders Trentemøller from Copenhagen now releases his first EP on Po- ker Flat.

The titletrack „Polar Shift“ is a highly elaborate tech-tune. Kicking off with crackling minimal rhythm patterns, Trentemøller layers on more and more sounds and instruments which fall into place perfectly while seeming to be dange- rously non-compatible at the same time. „Po- lar Shift“ builds over four episodes with almost completely different soundsettings and peaks with dirty rocking synth lines. Trentemøller has already managed to develop his own signa- ture sound; the fascination of his music lays within the contrast between large and vast echo chambers and sharp, direct in-your-face sound bits. 

his principle of contradiction becomes even more obvious on the second track „Chamele- on“, which Trentemøller recorded in a couple of nights on his laptop in a hotelroom in Cairo. The track opens up with dark and deep bass- sounds in a very large echo chamber before one hihat adds a swinging mood to the track allowing more and more abstract sounds to barge in. The construction of the song leaves room for a lot of unexpected turns and twists. “Polar Shift” is a classy 12” that will rock ad- vanced dancefloors, but also offers enough “brainfood” for an eclectic listening session.