Trentemøller One Eye Open

One Eye Open


Trentemøller ’s career has always defied categorisation - never being one for the obvious next step. The Danish producer has managed to tread a path both entirely unique and instantly recognisable - his blurring of the boundaries between heart-wrenching indie melodies and advanced electronics have made him a hero to music fans the world over. 
The new 'Fixion' album cemented this reputation - a deeper exploration into cold wave synth soundscapes and jagged, emotional songwriting added with his own take on a more post-rock inspired sound.

'One Eye Open' is the first track on Fixion - now finally released as a single with a pair of killer remixes in support. 'One Eye Open' sees Trentemøller dive deep into his emotional arsenal of haunting synth pop and precise, hard-edged drums - providing the perfect bedrock for the sublime vocals of Marie Fisker.

Trentemøller ’s reworked version gets deeper into the thick atmosphere of the original, with interesting new chord progressions, psychedelic synths and rhythmic surprises that push the track into new, magical directions.

UNKLE - the pseudonym of the UK legend James Lavelle whose productions with Tim Goldsworthy and DJ Shadow defined a certain aspect of the 1990s - drop a suitably epic remix to round off the release. In UNKLE’s hands, 'One Eye Open' becomes a chugging, slo-mo bomb that sacrifices none of the original’s emotive power to its insistent, powerful groove.