Trentemøller - No One Quite Like You feat. Tricky

No One Quite Like You feat. Tricky


Over his career, multi-instrumentalist Anders Trentemøller has crafted songs steeped in adumbral elements, evoking images of gorgeous, balmy, Scandinavian summers and bleak Nordic winters, sometimes within the same song. 

His new song "No One Quite Like You” features Tricky reciting a six word mantra over a five note passage. The entire song is bathed in intimacy, from studio vérité elements like the mechanical noise and hammer clacks of the piano, to Tricky’s weary delivery, which falls somewhere between a lullaby and a warning. Add to this Byzantine string arrangements by fellow Danish violinist Maria Jagd arrive, and you have yet another mesmerising release from Trentemøller.

The reflective piano figures of ‘Vespertine’ manifests this subtle yet powerful prologue to the A side of the second and last stand alone single release of 2021 by Trentemøller.