Trentemøller - Harbour Boat Trips: 01 Copenhagen by Trentemøller

Harbour Boat Trips: 01 Copenhagen by Trentemøller


Every once in a while you might stumble upon a piece of music that speaks to you on such levels that it commu- nicates with the very essence of the human self. Where throw-away pop music can be a time filler, and often a time killer, music with real integrity, depth and soul is the kind of thing we actually make time for!

Globe trotting DJ and Producer Anders Trentemøller seems to agree, and so a brand new compilation has been put together that explores some of the Danish maverick‘s favourite songs for those special, intimate moments that exist purely between sound and listener, with no interrup- tions. Denmark‘s musical lineage is a rich one, and Tren- temøller takes inspiration from the transient, constant life of Copenhagen‘s harbour to highlight some of the great- est moments from his home countries‘ talents, as well as many more international artists of course. This, his first ever Mix CD, also sees the heralded producer creating his own special edits along the journey...

Launched along with a brand new label platform, HFN, ‚Harbour Boat Trips - 01: Copenhagen by Trentemøller‘ is a very special, life affirming CD that speaks to us in vol- umes, sharing Anders’ absolute favourites from four de- cades of music history.

Full of magical melodies, inspiring lyrics, haunting musi- cal sequences and openly honest emotions, this collec- tion ranges from wonderful singer-songwriter visions such as Emiliana Torrini‘s serene ‚Lifesaver‘, to swathing synthscapes like Suicide‘s ‚Cheree‘, to low slung electronic escapades such as Musclehead‘s freaky ‚Phosphores- cense‘.

There‘s a wealth of fantastic music on offer, not to mention some inspiring combinations of unlikely tracks and rare out-takes. The mix‘s finale, a subtle mix between Copen- hagen Collective and Soft Cell, really needs to be heard to be believed!