• TOM And His Computer by Sofie Nørregaard

    Welcome back, TOM And His Computer!

    Having released 2 EPs on In My Room before, we now welcome back TOM And His Computer!

    TOM And His Computer is Copenhagen based Thomas Bertelsen. He started out as a teenager by looping and creating beats on his 4 track tape-recorder. Since then the very talented producer and DJ has been around the block. He produced two albums and a number of songs, edits and remixes under different monikers. TOM has celebrated his 30 year DJ anniversary last year.

    He has also been DJing alongside Trentemøller every now and then since the early days and most recently TOM And His Computer performed live on the opening slot of Trentemøller’s previous live tour and at Sonar Copenhagen 2015 as well as warming up for Massive Attack. In 2016 he released his debut EP "Small Disasters" followed by the "Playing In The Night EP" in early 2017. Apart from this, TOM supported Trentemøller on his Fixion tour in 2017. In 2018, he played shows at two big Danish festivals: SPOT and Recession (both in Aarhus.)

    Since then, TOM has mostly been producing music in his studio Lulu Rouge and creating music for TV/films. He has also played a mesmerizing set at Solaris Lights Festival. Lately TOM was working on his upcoming release on In My Room. Stay tuned!

  • Church Of Trees Trentemøller

    Church Of Trees video out now!

    Trentemøller's "Church Of Trees" music video is out now! This one, like most of the music videos off "Obverse", is made by Anders Trentemøller himself.

    "Church Of Trees" may come out of the gatesounding like a minimalist film score, but when the heavily modulated synths finally arrive, bathed inreverb, and the warped record effects kick in, it leaves no doubt that this is a Trentemøller concoction. Motifs take their time to develop, and are followed by a pleasantly jarring non sequitur. As with its companion songs, "Church Of Trees" narrative is succinctly contained in the title of the album. Obverse: an alternative to what your perception is. The flip side of the coin. 

    Fittingly, the camera shows treetops from below, tossing and turning.

    Out now!

    Watch the video here.

  • 2nd blood turn it back

    Out now: 2nd Blood's Turn It Back (Trentemøller Rework)

    2nd Blood is the project of Copenhagen based musician, producer and songwriter Silas Tinglef.

    Having released a debut EP on Trentemøller’s In My Room in 2018, the man himself steps up to rework 'Turn It Back' and the results are predictably fantastic.

    Trentemøller’s version is a slow grooving classic - out today!

  • trnt by Trentemøller

    trnt by Trentemøller (video) out now


    Anders Trentemøller released a new video for 'trnt', taken from his album 'Obverse'.

    In FLOOD Magazine, Trentemøller explained the track like this:

    "On “TRNT,” I go absolutely crazy with all my weird machines in the studio! It’s a pure jam session with myself in a way, quite intuitive and without any real plan besides seeing where this trip leads me. And again, an instrumental track that goes its own way. I especially love a place in the track where a vicious wall of sound suddenly breaks through without any warning. I wanted it to sound a bit like Sunn O))), and drove both guitars and a lot of synths through tons of distortion pedals, and then pitched the whole shit down so it sounded like it came from hell itself."

  • Silent Night by Trentemøller

    Silent Night out now!

    Just in time for the holidays, Trentemøller sat down and made his own version of the well-known Christmas carol "Silent Night". "I chose Silent Night as it has such a beautiful melody that, for me, sums up the whole vibe of Christmas. Originally it was a lullaby and since I became a dad, Silent Night made so much sense to me especially as it’s my girlfriend Lisbet Fritze who sings on it." 

  • Trentemøller Instagram Q&A about OBVERSE

    Anders Trentemøller did a fan Q&A about OBVERSE on Instagram stories on Sunday, 17th of November. In case you missed it, here are some of the Questions and Answers: 

    Which bands inspired you the most?
    I’m inspired by different artists but while working on OBVERSE I never really listened to anything. I feel it somehow confuses me when I’m in the working process listening to other music, so I tried to focus very much on my own music, keeping everything else out of sight to be honest

    How many songs did you finish that didn’t make the album?
    Actually all I worked on made it into the album, but a lot of ideas and sketches were dropped, especially in the first many months as I had a bit of a writers block. But slowly the music began to flow… that was a bit of a hard and often frustrating time for me

    Obverse - any story behind the album title?
    I was actually thinking about calling it „observe“ but then I stumbled upon the word „obverse“ which has different meanings. One of the meanings is the possibility to see the same thing from different angles, different views on the same thing… and I liked that, because it’s exactly what I was working on with OBVERSE, twisting and manipulating a simple melody in many different ways, both melodic and sonically.

    How do you write your melodies? Do you start with just playing with your synth?
    Most of the time I start at my upright piano in the studio. I like to focus on the chord progression and melodies not the sound. Then later when I’m happy with something I transfer it to a synth, guitar or maybe just keep it on the piano. If you listen closely you can hear the piano in tracks like Sleeper and Church Of Trees

    Did you mix this album by yourself or hired a mix engineer? Could you describe the whole process?
    Yes, I mixed it all by myself. I prefer that because I then get exactly the sound that I want. I simply just turns knobs until I think it sounds great (-: I mix all ITB but use a lot of outboard gear to sculp the instruments. Both lofi junk and high end stuff. It’s all about what sounds cool.

    You said Lisbet came up with Blue September. How much does she inspire you in your music?
    We inspire each other I think, but regarding Blue September she just wrote this magical melody and I instantly got inspired to work on the chords and the whole sound of it. She did a demo with just her voice and her guitar. I took it from there and created the music around that

    You are asking when I know when a song is done and that’s a great question!!
    It’s a feeling. If you still hear and feel that spontaneous vibe you had when you started on the track it’s done. I think I learned not to over-do a production. If I work too long on a song I might kill the whole intention with it… hope it makes sense?

    What is your favourite song of the album?
    I think it’s Cold Comfort (-:

    How long did you produce Sleeper?
    It took me only a day or two. It was the first song I worked on for the OBVERSE album. It just came quite easily to me. It’s a very simple melody / chord-progression that somehow, to me, had a dreamy magical vibe to it and it somehow made the direction for the rest of the album

    I love your reverb use to create interesting ambiances. Which hardware/software do you use?
    Thanks (-: Hardware: surfy bear reverb, the reverb in the Roland re 201/ 501 space echo, Vermona DSR3 reverb, alesis midiverb 2, Yamaha SPX90, Yamaha FX500, Anasounds Element spring reverb (all 3 tanks)
    Plugin: Valhalla vintageverb, UAD AMS RMX16, UAD ENT 140 plate

    What’s your creative process for putting together a new album?
    Try, try, try, try, try… until there is something that really turns you on in the music. A lot of hard work… and fun work. But a lot of playing around with ideas, chord progressions, melodies, sounds… and a lot of mindfuck ;)


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  • Foggy Figures video out now


    Danish electronic producer Trentemøller has shared his video for his new track "Foggy Figures" off of his fifth studio album Obverse. It premiered on Under The Radar Magazine, captured "The video is a sweeping panorama of Scandinavian woods shot in greyscale that warps and dilates as the grooves build and mutate. The track itself features lush pads and darkwave inspired rhythms that deepen like the moment of reflection when you recognize yourself thinking a certain way."

    The video is shot by Trentemøller himself, just as the preceding "Blue September": "I shot the visuals for Foggy Figures while staying in the Swedish woods with my girlfriend last autumn. One day we woke up to this foggy landscape, it was magical and I right away started shooting on my phone. I had just bought a device that works as a steadicam, you just click the phone into it and then you can shoot with these floating movements. I really feel the walk in the dark and foggy forest captured the vibe in the song. Enjoy!"

  • Trentemøller Obverse Merch

    Brand-new Trentemøller merch available!

    We thought it could be nice to have some fresh t-shirts and also a tote bag for Trentemøller's new album 'Obverse', featuring the amazing artwork by Jesse Draxler.

    So go and check out two styles of t-shirts, a white one and a black one, plus a nice black tote bag. We like it a lot!

    You can check all pieces in the gallery or head over to Trentemøller's bandcamp shop.

  • Obverse by Trentemøller

    Obverse OUT NOW!


    OBVERSE is finally out! 

    It often feels like an instrumental album because it started life as one, the driving philosophy being “what if the pressure of having to perform these songs live is removed entirely?” Granting yourself the freedom to chase down every idea a studio offers comes with privileges.

    What happens when you reverse a synth part mid-verse? Why not send an entire track through a faulty distortion pedal?
    Inspiration reveals itself in a variety of forms and, before long, a simple chord progression contorts into something entirely new.

    “The only thing I knew from the beginning was that this didn’t absolutely have to be an album I should be able to play live, with a band. That’s been a consideration on every record since The Last Resort. Obverse was always going to be about exploring the possibilities in my studio, with no consideration of how it could be performed on a stage, and it was completely liberating.”

    So it only makes sense that Obverse would stray from its original roadmap. In due time, half of the nascent compositions featured singers, including Lina Tullgren, Lisbet Fritze, and jennylee of Warpaint, another band deeply influenced by dream pop.

    Like all great instrumentals, songs on Obverse told their own stories long before the idea of adding words to them was considered. Music is often impelled by lyrics. In this case, the lyrics were undoubtedly compelled by the music.

    Obverse: an alternative to what your perception is.The flip side of the coin.

    The packaging of a Trentemøller record is intrinsically linked to the songs contained therein, though it’s never been more the case than with this release. Los Angeles based artist Jesse Draxler has contributed a cornerstone in the form of original art, which examines the black and the white, the dynamic vs. the serene, the big picture vs. the minutiae. It’s a case study in complementary contrasts, like the album itself.

    By fusing together a love of dream pop, dark synth-based music, film scores, and a deep connection with the stark Nordic panoramas, Anders has created an inimitable language. Ultimately Obverse resides in a genre all its own.

    The focus track and video 'Blue September' - with Lisbet Fritze on vocals and starring in the video - premiered on flood magazine. The feature also includes a track by track - give it a read here.

  • Try A Little Trentemøller

    Try A Little - OUT NOW!

    The next song from Trentemøller's upcoming album is out now: Try A Little - featuring vocals by JennyLee of Warpaint!

    The intro drum loop signals something is about to happen. A tense anticipation sinks in, not unlike the feeling one gets taxiing down a runway. Something is warbling in the background. A synth? A voice? It echoes a pent up whimper, finally being released, after interminable periods of overarching confusion, exhaustion, and even dread have taken a person to the breaking point. A long overdue conversation is finally about to happen.

    It’s not difficult to connect, personally, to many of Trentemøller’s songs. We see ourselves in the partner who has compromised themselves in a relationship, or the person burdened with unrequited love, who holds out hope for something that will never be, but “Try A Little” might just be the most relatable yet.

    "This song is very dear to me. It speaks the truth regarding some of the hardest things to admit to oneself. It was an act of vulnerability. As per usual, it was a stream of conscious exercise, this time directed towards myself and the relationships most present in my life, asking for help, presence. You know... 'show up! Please!’”

    Anders’ music and Jenny’s lyrics pair so well it will come as no surprise they have worked together in the past. It only made sense to give it another go for this release, even though the album it will be included on, Obverse, was intended to be entirely instrumental.

    "It’s always been extremely challenging coming up with vocals to music that is not my own, yet for some reason it happens pretty effortlessly every time with Anders, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with again."

    The music video for ‚Try A Little‘ has been produced by experimental filmmaker and Emmy nominated animator Thomas McMahan and features singer jennylee.

    Try A Little
    30.08.2019 on In My Room

    01. Try A Little (Radio Edit)
    02. Try A Little
    03. In The Garden


    Artwork by Jesse Draxler