• TOM And His Computer Playlist on Spotify

    TOM And His Computer Playlist on Spotify

    TOM and His Computer put together some nice tunes and shared his favorites in a new Spotify playlist. Visit the In My Room Spotify channel and listen to artists like Raymind Scott, Moon Duo, Suuns and - of course - TOM himself.


  • Trentemøller is heading towards the festivals

    Trentemøller is heading towards the festivals

    Following on from his almost completely sold out venue tour with more then 50 shows through Europe and North America, Trentemøller is now heading towards the Festival season. There are yet 17 Festival shows announced and the tour will even take him to China for the very first time. 
    28.04.17 China, Bejing, Tango
    01.05.17 China, Shanghai, Strawberry Music Festival
    05.05.17 Spain, Murcia, WAM Festival
    19.05.17 France, Reims, La Magnifique Society
    20.05.17 France, Laval, Les 3 Elephants
    16.06.17 Germany, Mannheim, Maifeld Derby
    17.06.17 Switzerland, Neuchatel,Festi’Neuch
    23.06.17 Netherlands, Ewijk, Down The Rabbit Hole
    30.06,17 Denmark, Roskilde Festival
    01.07.17 Switzerland, St. Gallen, Open Air St. Gallen Spain,
    06.07.17 Madrid, Mad Cool Festival
    08.07.17 Germany, Duesseldorf. Open Source Festival
    14.07.17 Belgium, Dour, Dour Festival
    15.07.17 UK, Clitheroe, Beat-herder Festival
    16.07.17 Romania, Cluj Napoca, Electric Castle Festival
    26.07.17 Italy,Segrate, Circolo Magnolia
    27.07.17 Italy,Sesto Al Reghena, Sexto’nPlugged Festival
    28.07.17 Italy, San Mauro Pascoli, A Cielo Aperto
    29.07.17 Italy, Vasto, Siren Festival

    more dates to be announced soon

  • Trentemøller awarded with the 'Carl Prize' for his album 'Fixion'

    Trentemøller awarded with the 'Carl Prize' for his album 'Fixion'

    Anders Trentemøller has been awarded with the 'Carl Prisen', the annual award of the danish music publishers, as the best composer in the category 'Rock' for his album 'Fixion'. The award ceremony took place in Copenhagen with 200 invited guests. 'I’m very happy and proud', said Trentemøller, 'thanks a lot for your support'.
    'Fixion' is yet the fourth full length album of the danish musician, composer and producer and was released in September 2016 on his own label 'In My Room'.


  • Trentemøller's Sinus get's a video

    Trentemøller's Sinus get's a video

    Originally there were no intentions for an additional music video, but when directors Bruno Noaro and Julie Reindl showed their video which they created as students at Emenius masterclass at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Trentemøller decided to make it the official music video for 'Sinus'.

    In contrast to Riton/Emenius' encrypted visual language Julie Reindl and Bruno Noaro follow a rather realistic approach and chose a futuristic scenario to criticise today's world in their video. 

    Video credits: 
    Directors: Julie Reindl & Bruno Noaro
    Producer: LFRFILMS under supervision by Andreas Emenius and Åsa Riton.
    Starring: Karl Gustav Brøndum
    Shot on location in Copenhagen: Botanisk Have, Den Blå Planet, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts

  • Trentemøller live 2017

    Trentemøller Fixion Tour 2017 gallery

    More than 50 venue shows and a couple of summer festivals - the Fixion tour takes Trentemøller and his band from Spain to Finland and from New York to San Francisco, across Europe and Northamerica.

    Up until now almost every show has been sold out and according to the feedback it's been his best tour so far: "like the album, it’s a warp-speed assembly of a million different sounds, but with the added spice of five performers ready to session like their lives depend on it.“ (Reflections of Darkness). If you can’t attend any of the shows see our gallery for some impressions.

  • Trentemøller - One Eye Open

    New single incl. UNKLE rework - out now

    We are happy to announce the release of my 'One Eye Open' single which also features an incredible remix by UK's finest UNKLE and also Trentemøller did a very nice remix. 

    Check it here!

  • complicated video still

    Trentemøller - Complicated official video

    The video for Complicated by Åsa Riton and Andreas Emenius also completes the video trilogy consisting of 'River In Me', 'Rede ne' and 'Complicated', an apocalyptic story about the desperate search for a place where to start all over again. Shot in an abandoned sports arena a loose narrative unfolds of a man on a quest to re-connect with the physical world after loosing himself in a destructive relationship. A lonely world, involving tennis, palm trees, hands on fire, anonymous helpers and a constructed spine.

    Jehnny Beth's haunting voice interacts with a detached character involved in a relationship barking towards a crash course.


  • New Trentemøller album is out now

    Trentemøller's fifth full-length album Fixion is out now!